What Are The Street Regulations Around Cafe Banners?

Café banners are an excellent way of advertising your business. They are really cheap to acquire and you can have them custom made to suit whatever your needs are. However, you have to be very careful to avoid breaking the law when you are installing them and also when you are traveling in areas where there are banners. Here are some general street cafes and banners you should know about.

You might need permission to put one up

As much as you would like to have a free world where you put up a banner anywhere, there are restrictions to where you can do it. Unless you are putting a banner at the door of your café, you should be prepared to take a trip to the local authorities to get permission to put up a banner. They will tell you which places you are allowed to put up a banner and where you cannot. In most cities, they will also give you a written permit showing that you are allowed to put up your banner there.

You might need to pay for the space where you erect or hang your banner

This is one of the ways that some local governments make revenue. If you want to put up a banner on a building that is not the area you have rented or built a café room, you might have to pay some fees. Banners are somehow like live ads and you have to pay a fee to advertise in some spaces. The amount you pay and whether you pay anything at all will depend on where you are putting up your banner.

Your banner may not block any other Ads or hinder the usage of social amenities

Wouldn’t it be great to hang a huge banner for your café on a landmark like let’s say, the liberty tower? Well, you cannot. There are places where you are not allowed to put up your banner. To start with streetlights are off the bounds. Banners that block entries to parks and other public utilities are also at the risk of being torn down by the local authorities. Make sure you position your banner in a place where it can be seen, but does not prevent the normal running of any public utility.

If you don’t put up your banner well, it will be torn down

There I no way you can expect local authorities to watch and do nothing a s a badly erected banner falls on motorists or pedestrians. You have to make sure you enlist the services of good banner makers who can correctly erect the banners for you. This way, the risk of paying fines or causing accidents will be reduced.

There are many more street regulations around café banners. For instance, it is illegal to tear down a banner that you did not erect. If a person feels it is being a danger to the people using the street, they are supposed to report it to the relevant authorities. With the help of a good banner making company, you will be able to make and erect banners well.