The Law Of Attraction – Your Relationship With Money Can Make You Rich

Why do so many of us live in awe of money or making money? We treat it as something special, something that is elusive or that we can never get enough of. We long for more money and we envy the rich.

Perhaps it is this very relationship that we have with money and making money that stops us from getting rich. Many very rich and famous people have made millions, lost it all and then gone on to make money (even millions) once again. Yet others of us struggle to get by and the thought of making money or millions once seems out of reach, let alone the idea that we could repeat the feat.

What makes these millionaires so successful and different from the majority of the population? It is their relationship with money and making money!

What is money? Coins, gold, pieces of paper with embedded watermarks, the bank balance? Money alone is really not worth anything.

When I was a student,I crossed over into East Berlin for the day and I was obligated to exchange a certain amount of West German Deutschmarks into East German currency. You could not change this money back, so you had to spend it while visiting the East.

I went into some shops, but the shelves were bare. So I decided that the easiest way to spend the money would be on food. I sat down in a little cafe and perused the menu. As a poor student, it was a rather nice feeling to be sitting in a restaurant knowing that I had money to burn. What the heck! I’d choose the most expensive item on the menu.

When the waiter came over, I placed my order, but was told that that they didn’t have my choice. I quickly retrieved the menu to search for something else. Once again, they had run out of my second choice. Finally I asked the waiter what they did have to offer and he replied, “Stew”. I didn’t really want stew, but I had no other option.

After the meal, I still had money to spend. I think I ended up buying a few ice creams and giving the remainder away to some kids.

The moral of the story is that making money itself is not meaningful. What is important is what you can buy with that money, not process of making money.

The first step to improving your relationship with money is to realize that it is a means to an end.

What you really want is not money itself, but those things that money can buy.

Ask yourself now what you really want….nice clothing, exotic holidays, a new car, a new house? Or maybe you want financial security, but what does that really mean? Perhaps you’d like to pay off your mortgage or pay off your credit cards. It is important to separate what you want from money itself.

The next step is to realize that you can always get more money.

That is how millionaires think! Remember the mega-rich who lost it all and came back again?

How could you earn $25 right now? Stop reading and come up with a list of 5 things you could do today to earn yourself $25. I’m sure there are many things you are capable of doing and many talents you have that could earn you some money. Come back once you’ve made your list.

Well done if you’ve thought of 5 things! You are on your way to financial success. If you couldn’t think of 5 things, let me help you with a few suggestions:

* Sell something on e-bay

* Offer to babysit for friends, family or neighbors who have children

* Knock on doors and offer to cut the lawn

* Wash cars at a shopping center car park

* Have a garage sale

See how easy it is! And these are things that most anyone could do. You might even have some special talents or qualifications that will enable you to sell other services.

There is always a service that you can provide to someone else who is willing to pay for it, so you can always make money. Therefore you should never be without money.

The third step is feeling comfortable with the thought of having more money.

Have you ever noticed that if you earn $30,000 a year, even if you change jobs, you will most probably still only earn $30,000 per year or only slightly more, say within a band of $30,000 to $40,000 where you feel comfortable. If you want to change your financial situation in a big way, you have got to reach for the stars and believe that you can earn much much more. Why can’t you earn $100,000 per annum or even $250,000 p.a.? The only thing stopping you is your belief that you can’t.

So remember that money and making money is just a means to an end. Always be conscious of what it is that you really want and do not live in fear or awe of money. Money is abundant and the universe has an infinite supply of it. Just because you earn loads of money, you will not be depriving anyone else of their fair share. If you lose money, don’t fret. Just go out and make more. Set your financial goals high and believe that you can achieve them. And finally, show gratitude every day for the abundance that is flowing to you from multiple sources.

Copyright 2007 Maria Westcott All rights reserved