Bail and bail bonds

When a crime happens and a crime suspect gets arrested, court decides whether the suspect is guilty or not.  Sometimes it takes too many days for the court to take a decision because they need proves to decide whether the person deserve to be punished or not. The court asks for trials where hearing happens, the trial period can be long or it can be short depends on the severity of crime and the time required to find all the proofs. The court gives advantage to the suspect that he can spend the trial period at home because no one wants to spend time in jail for longer than required and for that the suspect can apply for bail.

Bail means that a person will have to pay some cash amount to the court and then he can spend trial time in society, the main reason for bail is to make sure the presence of the suspect on trial and he will not commit any further crime. It will also prevent the suspect from fleeing before the judgment. Court does not grant the bail on its own. Suspect or his family and friends needs to apply for bail, a court hearing date gets settled and suspects lawyer argue in front of a judge. It’s up to the court if it grants the bail or not. In many situations court does not grant it even for small crisis, if it thinks that the suspect will flee.

At bail hearing the judge the person’s background, behavior in the society, financial situation and the severity of the crime for which he has been accused. All these things matter to know if the person can be dangerous for the people and society or not. If judge thinks that the person can be dangerous, he will hold him without bail.

In case of granted bail the amount of bail money depends on the seriousness of the crime. The big the crime, the higher the bail amount will be. It also depends on the financial situation of the suspect, if he is rich, he will be asked for a big amount too. In situation with less serious crime and the suspect is likely to appear in all the next trials then he can be bailed without any money with some references.

The bail amount can be very big or a suspect’s financial situation can be so bad that it gets hard for him to pay the bail amount in that case there are many companies or agents who can help the suspect. These agents are known as bail bonds. The purpose of hiring bail bond agents is that in case the suspect does not have enough money then they will apply for the bail on the suspect behalf any pay the cash amount of the bail but in return they will charge their fees which can be a small percent of total bail amount. In case a person does not have cash amount to give to these agents, he can also give other valuable things such as property, jewelry or such other things.

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