How to Amp Up the Power of Law of Attraction

“Think of the power that’s in the universe – moving the earth, growing the trees. That’s the same power within you, if you’ll only have the courage and the will to use it.” – from Charlie Chaplin’s movie, Limelight

How can we make the Law of Attraction work even more powerfully in our lives? How can we amp up our manifesting power? What is the magic ingredient that adds the driving force, the Big Mo, the alchemy to the attraction process? It is emotion. And the intensity of our emotion determines our power of attraction.

We activate our thoughts and give them life by adding emotion. The classic example of the power of intense emotion is the 100-pound woman who lifts a 4,000-pound car to free her child who is trapped beneath it. When we want something as unequivocally as this mother wants to save her child, our strength and ability increase exponentially and we become invincible.

Do you have any idea what a powerful being you are? Do you realize that the entire Universe is at your service? You are a Master of the Universe, fully empowered to create your life in exact accord with your thoughts and feelings. And what activates and increases your power to create? Strong desire.

You can align with the object of your desire by adding emotional power, by getting excited about it, by wanting it with passion, by getting clarity about it and offering a signal as focused as a laser beam. We attract in accordance with our vibrational alignment. To harmonize vibrationally with your desire, find the feeling place of your desire by imagining as vividly as possible that you are living your dream NOW.

As you begin to EXPECT good things, that expectation acts as a powerful attractor to bring even more good things into your life. Energize your desires by refocusing with passion, clarity and determination, by stating confidently: I am healthy! I am wealthy! Everybody loves me! I’m always so lucky! Everything comes easily to me! But most of all, declare with all your heart – I am absolutely and eternally wonderful and worthy of everything I desire.

By focusing with strong emotion, your power of attraction is amplified. Here are some great ways to energize your desires and amp up your power:

  • direct your thoughts with focus and clarity
  • decide to feel good and maintain a sky high vibration
  • feel appreciation
  • make up your mind
  • set your intention
  • dream, imagine and visualize
  • believe and expect
  • infuse your desire with passion and enthusiasm

Emotion is the magic ingredient that will make the Law of Attraction work even more powerfully in your life. Emotion in the form of strong desire gives you the power to design and create your destiny. With emotion, clarity and focus, you are a powerful magnet for attracting into your life anything and everything you desire!