Hey, Law of Attraction, I Didn’t Ask for This!

“What you resist sticks to you like glue.” – Judith Orloff

The Law of Attraction states that you will attract into your Life whatever you focus on – whether you want it or not. Therefore, although you may not have gotten what you wanted, you did get what you asked for.

You Always Get What You Ask For. If the waiter serves you something you truly dislike, keep in mind that the Cosmic Café never gets an order wrong. You never get something you did not request. You are never served someone else’s order by mistake.

Q: Waiter, I hate Brussels sprouts. Why do you keep bringing me Brussels sprouts?
A: I keep bringing you Brussels sprouts, young man, because you keep focusing on Brussels sprouts.

Q: Waiter, I distinctly ordered the roast duck and you brought me a hot dog.
A: Well, Sir, you do not order in words. You order vibrationally. To get roast duck, you must vibrate roast duck.

Q: Waiter, why did you bring me the veggie plate when I requested the escargot?
A: Well, Madam, although you say you want the escargot, you are not vibrating escargot. You are definitely vibrating veggie plate.

So what do you do when you’re served something you definitely do not want? You place another order. You place an order for what you want clearly and specifically and with all the passion you can muster. Then you give your full attention to what you do want.

Place Another Order. Let’s say you manifest your dream job and later learn that it requires significant amounts of travel, which makes balancing the other aspects of your life more challenging. Not a problem. Now that you’re clearer about what you do want, place another order by specifically focusing on a job with no travel or minimal travel. As you focus on this desire, either the travel part of your current job will be reduced or you’ll attract another job with the perfect amount of travel. Hold your gaze unwaveringly on what you do want so that you offer a clear signal rather than a fuzzy vibration.

Max claimed to be surprised when he was laid off from his job. Closer inspection revealed that, some months earlier, he had declared – “I hate my job. I’m ready for a job I love.” The Universe believed him and got him out of that miserable position. It was not immediately clear to him that this was evidence of the Law of Attraction working on his behalf, and he did spend a few days feeling shocked. However, he soon recognized that he was now free to find more fulfilling work. As he was able to quit listening to his own negative self-talk and the fear-based advice of family members telling him to “just get a job, any job,” he held out until he found – you guessed it – a job he loves.

Who Ya Gonna Blame? If you don’t understand that you have created an unwanted situation in your life through your thoughts and feelings, you may look for excuses. You may play the karma card, blame your mother, or curse your bad luck. When you realize that your life is the way it is because of the way you direct your thoughts – and for no other reason – you can seize the power to design your destiny.

When you apply the Law of Attraction and order with focus and clarity, the Cosmic Café will serve you the most delicious life you could ever imagine!