Bring Out the Best in Others with the Law of Attraction

According to the Law of Attraction, when you think a thought or feel a feeling, you broadcast vibrations out into the Universe, which magnetically connect with people and circumstances of like vibration. In fact, you’re like a giant magnet pulling into your life whatever you focus on. Like a magnet, you draw people, things and circumstances into your life, which are in harmony with your dominant vibration. At every moment you draw to yourself the essence of what you predominantly think and feel.

You can apply this basic principle of the Law of Attraction to bringing out the best in others. For example, if someone snaps at you, criticizes you or disappoints you in some way, do you react negatively and add fuel to the fire of bad feelings OR do you wisely choose not to accept offense? There may be a strong tendency at first to react with hurt or sadness or anger because of years of practicing these responses, but, as the Law of Attraction teaches, it’s always better to focus on what feels good rather than what feels bad. So, instead, you might think – “Yeah, I don’t really like what they did, but I refuse to use it as an excuse to feel bad. I refuse to use it as a reason to disconnect from Well-Being.” If you determine to keep your vibration high and make feeling good the most important thing, you will refuse to relinquish your Well-Being for any reason whatsoever.

If you know in advance that you will be interacting with someone you find challenging, set your intention for the meeting to be enjoyable for both of you. Intend that – “We are going to really like each other. We are going to get along great.” Intend to see only the good in that person. Intend that, while you’re together, they will be at their best and you will draw out their good qualities. Even if you haven’t seen any evidence of their alleged good qualities for quite some time, know that they do exist and be determined to excavate them. Make it a treasure hunt. Admittedly it’s more of a stretch with some people than with others, so keep reminding yourself that everyone’s true identity is a brilliantly shining star.

If you resort to complaining, a vibration is activated within you that keeps you connected to that unpleasant other. The more you complain, the more vibrationally connected you will be. So, when you feel yourself becoming irritated with someone, remove your attention from the irritation and place it firmly on something that feels good. Imagine a rose bush. Do you focus on the flowers or the thorns?

When you are independently happy and secure in your ability to tap into your Wellspring of Well-Being, you will bring out the best in others and experience joyous relationships.