Making a Cafe Racer

Across Europe, post-WWII veterans removed every part that wasn’t necessary and modified their motorcycles to make them faster to race outside of cafes for bragging rights. Known as Rockers or Ton Up Boys, they were the British equivalent of American Graffiti and their café racer motorcycles became synonymous with the brash men who raced each other on motorcycles from one café to another at speeds near 100 mph, known as “the ton.” So if you are looking to convert your vintage motorcycle into something more café raced out, start by doing some research.

Originally café racers were British twins like Triumphs, Nortons and BSA, but if your motorcycle’s look looks a little tired then spruce it up with a café racer look. One of the first things café racers did was remove any unneeded part. Unless the law requires them, remove conveniences like mirrors and turn signals as well as chain guards, fenders and superfluous gauges or switches. If you are going to use a mirror, buy a retro Napoleon Bar End Mirror. Keep track of your speed by wiring up a minimalist bicycle speedometer for $15. After removing all of the bike’s unneeded weight, café racers sought performance to go faster then the next guy. Removing their stock handlebars, flipping them end over end and reinstall them upside down, gave café racers a more aerodynamic riding position to increase the likelihood of reaching “a ton,” or 100 mph. Modern riders can buy a set of Clubman bars to give their bike the same look.

To further aid their aerodynamics, café racers would install small gas tanks since they were only racing about town. Look at online sites like Craigslist or eBay to find a smaller tank that fits your look. To further solidify the café look your bike is going to need a single, stainless steel headlight that mounts to your fork stanchions. Expect to spend $50 for a headlight that uses a modern H-4 bulb and another $20 for the accompanying bracket. Now that your bike is looking and riding the part make it sound like a café racer by removing some of the packing in the exhaust cans. This will help the bike breath a little easier while making the bike sound a bit sharper. Top off the look by getting yourself a black leather jacket, tight Levi jeans and leather boots so you can look as authentic as your bike does now.

Revealed! All About Louisiana Lemon Laws

The lemons laws in Louisiana cover a range of consumer durables as well as vehicles such as SUVs, trucks, leased cars, new passenger vehicles and vehicles under 10,000 lbs. In order to be considered a lemon under the consumer right laws in the state of Louisiana, a vehicle should meet the following requirements:

It should not conform with the written warranty provided by the manufacturer

The defects in the vehicle should be serious enough to deteriorate its market value, impede its operation and/or make it unsafe for use

The vehicle should have a manufacturer defect that was reported while the warranty was still in effect or within the first year after delivery

Has been sent to the repair shop at least 4 times for the same problem or has been out of service for a 90 days after purchase but not necessarily consecutive 90 days

The vehicle is not used for professional or trade activities, it is a personal or family use vehicle.

According to the lemon laws in Louisiana, if your car meets with the above requirements, it can be deemed as a lemon; however, you are expected to notify the manufacturer of any issue that you may have with the vehicle while it is still under warranty or within 12 months from purchase (delivery of the vehicle). You will also have to go through an arbitration process designer to resole the dispute without approaching the court. But if you fail to get a satisfactory solution out of the arbitration attempt, you can approach the court to the settle the issue.

If you do intend to go through with a lemon law suit against the manufacture, you should definitely get yourself a skilled attorney who has experience in handling cases related to the Louisiana lemon laws. You have to understand that the manufacturer will send in their cavalry of lemon law attorneys to court and you will not stand too much of chance if you were to plead your case on your own. On the other hand, not only is seeking representation in the matter free because the lawyer will collect his fees from the manufacturer after you win but also when you get your lawyer along, you are sending a very strong message to the manufacturer that you are not going to take this lying down.

There are several options for compensation under the lemon laws in Louisiana, if you win the case, you can get a replacement vehicle of the same model, brand and year or you may also receive a refund. The refund will generally include:

The full contract price paid by the customer at the time of purchase

Charges for any manufacture or dealer accessories and installations

Use Taxes

Finance charges

Incidental expenses such as those for towing, renting another car, phone calls and staying in a hotel if the car gives way when you are out of town

Title charges

Attorney’s fees

However, the manufacture can and usually will charge you for vehicle usage. This amount is calculated based on the number of miles that you clock on the vehicle. After the ruling in your favor, the manufacturer will only have a month to either offer a refund or replacement.

Most manufacturers and dealers would prefer to offer you a replacement because your finance plan simply has to be transferred to the other vehicle. Make sure that you maintain a meticulous and diligent record of all documentation in relation to the purchase of the vehicle. This includes purchase receipts, invoice of repairs, any communication that you may have had with the dealer or manufacturer etc. Tackling a lemon can be very taxing if you don’t have a second car at your disposal; fortunately, you do not have to put p with the situation anymore because the lemon laws in Louisiana are designed to protect the consumer’s right in cases where unscrupulous establishments sell inherently defective products without offering proper information to the consumer.

Bring Out the Best in Others with the Law of Attraction

According to the Law of Attraction, when you think a thought or feel a feeling, you broadcast vibrations out into the Universe, which magnetically connect with people and circumstances of like vibration. In fact, you’re like a giant magnet pulling into your life whatever you focus on. Like a magnet, you draw people, things and circumstances into your life, which are in harmony with your dominant vibration. At every moment you draw to yourself the essence of what you predominantly think and feel.

You can apply this basic principle of the Law of Attraction to bringing out the best in others. For example, if someone snaps at you, criticizes you or disappoints you in some way, do you react negatively and add fuel to the fire of bad feelings OR do you wisely choose not to accept offense? There may be a strong tendency at first to react with hurt or sadness or anger because of years of practicing these responses, but, as the Law of Attraction teaches, it’s always better to focus on what feels good rather than what feels bad. So, instead, you might think – “Yeah, I don’t really like what they did, but I refuse to use it as an excuse to feel bad. I refuse to use it as a reason to disconnect from Well-Being.” If you determine to keep your vibration high and make feeling good the most important thing, you will refuse to relinquish your Well-Being for any reason whatsoever.

If you know in advance that you will be interacting with someone you find challenging, set your intention for the meeting to be enjoyable for both of you. Intend that – “We are going to really like each other. We are going to get along great.” Intend to see only the good in that person. Intend that, while you’re together, they will be at their best and you will draw out their good qualities. Even if you haven’t seen any evidence of their alleged good qualities for quite some time, know that they do exist and be determined to excavate them. Make it a treasure hunt. Admittedly it’s more of a stretch with some people than with others, so keep reminding yourself that everyone’s true identity is a brilliantly shining star.

If you resort to complaining, a vibration is activated within you that keeps you connected to that unpleasant other. The more you complain, the more vibrationally connected you will be. So, when you feel yourself becoming irritated with someone, remove your attention from the irritation and place it firmly on something that feels good. Imagine a rose bush. Do you focus on the flowers or the thorns?

When you are independently happy and secure in your ability to tap into your Wellspring of Well-Being, you will bring out the best in others and experience joyous relationships.

Improving Relationships With the Law of Attraction

“We awaken in others the same attitude of mind we hold toward them.” – Elbert Hubbard

Are you aware that the way people treat you is a direct reflection of how you feel about yourself? It’s true. If you value yourself, others will value you. If you disrespect yourself, others will disrespect you. According to the Law of Attraction, your emotions offer continuous guidance to tell you whether you’re in the process of attracting what you DO want or what you DON’T want. When you feel good (love, joy, appreciation) your vibration is high and you’re a match to relationships that feel good. When you feel bad (angry, fearful, worthless) your vibration is low and you’re a match to relationships that feel bad.

As you raise your vibration by directing your thoughts to feelings of joy, love, and appreciation, you will feel good about yourself and you will attract wonderfully harmonious relationships. As you raise your vibration, the vibrations of those around you will also improve. Remember, you’re a magnet and you attract people who are a vibrational match to your dominant vibration.

Although you cannot control another person, you can choose which aspects of them to focus on. When you focus on their positive qualities, they will display their positive qualities with you. See them as you want them to be and you will bring out the best in them. With people as with circumstances – Take what you like and leave the rest.

See someone as great and they will be. Try praising rather than judging. Try complimenting rather than criticizing. Since everyone has the potential to manifest any quality and any vibration, simply decide which facet you would like them to express with you – then focus on that.

Here’s the foolproof formula for improving any relationship – from the ogre boss to the critical mother-in-law to the wayward child:

  • Find as many things as possible to like and appreciate about them.
  • Take your Energy away from complaining about what you don’t like about them and put it squarely on appreciating the aspects you do like about them.
  • Keep your vibration high by deciding to feel good no matter what the other person is doing.

Follow these steps and, without fail, all of your relationships with improve.